Nursing Admission Common questions and answers

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Nursing Admission QNA: Congratulations to those who got a chance in Nursing and Midwifery. Thousands of questions are swirling in the minds of those who got the chance in Nursing admission. You are sending your questions to different pages of Facebook without getting answers on the internet. But no answer is coming. So today we bring you the answers to some of the questions that you are looking for in your mind. So let’s take a look at the questions and answers to why it is so late.

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Q: My name is on the merit list in nursing, when can I be admitted?

Answer: Those who get a chance on the merit list will be able to complete the admission process from ___ 2022 to ___ 2022.

Q: What papers should be brought with you at the time of admission?

Original Certificate of SSC and HSC and Original Academic Transcript (Marksheet)
→ Copy Attested Photo (Passport Size)
→ Admission Test Admission Card

Attested a copy of each certificate and four copies of the academic transcript (mark sheet).

Q: Do you need any more paperwork besides these?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary, an attested copy of the citizen’s certificate, and four copies of the birth certificate. Be sure to keep 2 passport size photos of the guardian with you. Because some institutions can sit better.

Q: How much does it cost to be admitted?

Answer: The admission fee of all institutions is not equal. However, it will cost a maximum of 15 to 16 thousand rupees. This is because some institutes charge full course fees at the time of admission and some institutes charge course fees at regular intervals.

Q: Where and how to get a health check for admission?

Answer: The health examination will be done on the day you come for admission. It takes some time to get a health check. So bring enough time in advance.

Health tests that are done
→ X-ray Chest P/A view
→ HBs (Ag)
→ Hb%
→ Blood grouping
→  Urine R/M/E

Q: If those who have passed HSC in 2021, do not have the original certificate of HSC, then what will they do?

Answer: You can get a temporary certificate from your respective board and work with it at the time of admission.

Q: Can those who are on the waiting list be admitted?

Answer: If the seats are vacant even after the completion of admission, then the waiting list result will be published in __ 2022.

Download the list of Nursing Institutes / Colleges and Midwifery Institutes in Bangladesh

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