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BBA Fourth Year 7th Sem Exam Result Re-verification Application 2023 (Professional)

BBA 4th Year 7th Sem Exam Result

We have published here the process of applying for revaluation of BBA Fourth year 7th sem exam results. Generally, after the release of the original result of the examination, those candidates who are not satisfied with the result apply to the board for re-checking of the result. BBA fourth year 7th semester is a department under National University. Candidates have to apply on National University website for board challenge of this exam result. As per the notification published by the university department every candidate for re-verification of results has to complete this application online.

BBA Fourth Year 7th Sem Exam Result Re-check Rules

Many of us may be applying for re-verification of BBA 4th year 7th semester exam result for the first time. So we all should challenge this board for correct rules. What is the rule? How to do this challenge. Today we have revealed here the answer to this question in the mind of the prospective examinee. Then read this paste carefully to know the exact rules of this challenge. Through this post of mine I have published all the detailed information about National University Board Challenge. So let’s get started.

Online BBA Fourth Year 7th Sem Exam Board Challenge Procedure 2023

  • The form should be filled online from the website published in the National University circular.
  • Payslip should be downloaded and deposited at any branch of Sonali Bank.
  • Or you have to use Sonali Bank’s payment gateway as an alternative method.
  • Through Bkash, Cash, Rocket, Tape or various cards using payment gateway
  • Sonali Bank account holders can pay money or application fee online from their account.
  • The application must be completed within the time published by the university.
  • Application after this time will not be accepted.

4th Year 7th Sem Exam Board Challenge Application Deadline

Candidates must complete the application in Bangladesh National University examination in a rule-bound manner. Applications are invited from the candidates for re-verification of the National University examination results.

All the process of online rechecking of this result should be completed within the given time. No application will be entertained before or after this period. Candidates applying earlier or later will not be accepted.


How much is the application fee for revaluation of result?

Well, for so long we have known that we have to make love. And by what date this application should be completed. This notification has been published on the official website of the National University. Now we will know how much is the application fee. The question that remains in every candidate’s mind is what is the actual application fee. So we are going to publish here the application fee amount of 4th year 7th semester board challenge exam. 800/- for each letter as application fee for re-verification of result.

Last Word

Here we have discussed in detail about BBA 4th year 7th semester exam result rechecking. Hope you have got all the information regarding 4th year 7th semester result and you can easily download this result now to know about your marks. But still face any problem to download BBA 4th year 7th semester exam result re-verification result then please comment us, we will try to solve all these problems as soon as possible.

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