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NU Honors 4th Year Practical Examination Routine 2022 published

NU Honors 4th Year Practical Examination Routine 2022 has been published. It is known that the National University has published the notification regarding the schedule of Honors 4th Year Oral / Practical Examination of the National University for 2020. The practical examination of the Honors 4th year examination of 2020 under the National University will be discussed here. The schedule of practical and oral examination of Honors 4th year examination has been published. And here we will present to you all the details of practical and oral examination of Honors 4th year.

National University Honors 4th Year Examination Schedule 2022

The National University Honors 4th Year Oral / Practical Examination of 2020 will be taken from 10/03/2022 to 02/04/2022.After taking the practical and oral test, it has been requested to send the number sheet online and the original copy to the concerned branch. Also see the picture below to get all the information: –

See all National University Notices here together National University Notice Board

Honors 4th Year Oral / Practical Exam Deadline: 10/03/2022 to 02/04/2022.

We will know about Honors 4th Year Oral and Practical Exam 2022

The list of Honors Fourth Year Examination Centers can be found on the University’s website ( The test will be informed through a short message on the mobile. External examiners are requested to download the oral / practical test papers from their respective TMIS profiles. At the same time, you can download the list of subject external examiners using the User Name and Password of the concerned center college. Oral / Practical Exam Number Entry Web Site

Instructions: Ministry of Education, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Government General University, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been requested to take oral / practical examination in strict compliance with the official guidelines and proper hygiene rules regarding Covid-19 virus.

Honors 4th year I will learn about the rules for taking oral / practical exams and sending numbers

1) The name of the external examiner of the oral / practical examination must be informed to the concerned college and the external examiner by letter.

2) The date and time of the examination should be fixed by contacting the external examiner. It is known that the examination should be completed within the prescribed date.

3) The name of the external examiner should be changed. It is also learned that under no circumstances can external examiners be appointed and examinations taken without the approval of the university authorities.

4) College based number sheets and attendance sheets of the candidates participating in the oral / practical examinations and the website of the National University.
( to download and print. Do.

5) All the candidates must enter the data using the college password in the presence of the external examiner at the end of the examination. It is known that no manual number will be acceptable. And in no way should the number entry be wrong.

6) You must be careful that the number is not wrong in any way, because no application for number correction will be accepted after the results are published.

7) After data entry and sending online, you have to take a print out of the number sheet sent. External examiner and internal examiner will sign the original copy and print copy at the designated place. No house can be left empty under any circumstances.

8) A copy of the print out will be saved by the Examiner himself and a copy will be saved by the Head of Department. Top Seat, Original Copy of Number Sheet and Original Attendance Sheet should be filled in the prescribed envelope and sealed and sent to the Deputy Controller of Examinations, Honors 4th Year Branch and one copy to the Controller of Print Out Examinations, National University, Gazipur-1804. , Subject, subject code must be written. 01 photocopy of attendance letter must be kept in the office of the department head / principal.

9) The oral / practical examination of any candidate whose name is not in the list cannot be taken in any way.

10) If there is an examinee of any college other than the concerned college in the oral / practical examination center, separate number sheet and attendance sheet should be prepared by taking the examination. The principal will send the number of the candidates of his college on-line using the password of Mahaday College.

11) In order to send data, the confidentiality of the password of the respective college should be protected. The concerned college will be responsible if any discrepancy is observed between the original number sheet (hand entry) sent to the university and the number entered online.

12) The question paper of statistics practical subject cannot be played in the absence of external examiner and cannot be practiced accordingly.

13) In case of any problem, please contact the Sub-Controller of Examinations, Honors 4th Year Branch, Phone No. 02-9291031, Mobile No. 01313-052361.

14) Original copy of number sheet should be sent to the concerned branch within 07 (seven) days after completion of oral / practical examination of the college.

15) If a college completes the oral / practical examination of any examinee through an external examiner, the mark sheet of that examination will not be accepted. Due to that the result of the examinee will be suspended.

Once the verbal / practical test number has been sent, it has been reported that no modification, addition or change can be made. Don’t forget to share our information on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social media. And thank you for visiting our website.

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