SSC Result Board Challenge 2022

SSC Result Board Challenge

Board Challenge of SSC 2022 Exam Result: Candidates who have failed in SSC 2022 exam or who are not satisfied with the exam result. They will get a chance to reconsider their SSC 2022 Exam RezaSSC Result Board Challenge 2022 exam result by challenging the board. Here is a detailed discussion about how SSC exam students will challenge the board. Read our full post to know the complete board challenge. We have provided the exact rules of board challenge here.

SSC 2022 Exam Board Challenge Date

Candidates have to apply for board challenge within the specified time after the SSC result is published. After the board challenge is completed, the results of the candidates are published again with special consideration. The board challenge of the CSSC 2022 exam results has to be done online. Online board challenge start date and end date are given below.
Board Challenge Start Date : 29 November 2022
Board Challenge Last Date : 5 December 2022

SSC 2022 Result Board Challenge Rules

For SSC Result Board Challenge Candidates have to SAS through Teletalk Prepaid SIM to 16222 number. The application should be completed following the exact rules of Board Challenge. For board challenge go to message option and write RSC and write first three letters of board name with space, roll number with space and subject code and send message to 16222.
Ex: RSC RAJ 789654 102
In this way, candidates of each board can send SMS by writing the name of their own board instead of the board. That is, the candidates of any other board will write DHA if the board is covered there and if it is another board then they will write the first 3 letters of the name of the board.

Application Rules for SSC Result Multiple Subjects

  • Candidates can apply for multiple subjects in one SMS. That is why the candidate should write the subject code of the subject for which he/she wants to apply by giving the subject code for each subject followed by a comma (,). Just remember to provide a comma after each subject code.
  • For example: RSC RAJ 789654 102,101.
  • Board has to pay fee for board challenge. And separate fee has to be paid for each subject. After deducting the board fee from the board, the board will send you an SMS with a PIN.
  • This message will be provided for your consent. Next the candidate has to send another message to the board like write RSC and YES space with PIN space a contact number to contact the candidate and send message to 16222.
    Example : RSC YES 45638 017……………….

What is the SSC Result Board Challenge Fee?

SSC Result Board Challenge Fee Rs. 125 for each paper. Thus, if there are 2 subjects, the board fee of Tk. 125 to Tk. 250 will have to be paid for each paper. And this money will be deducted from the board while sending the message. That is, this fee will be deducted by the board while sending the message to 16222 number.

last word

Here the rules of board challenge of SSC 2022 exam result are provided. SSC 2022 candidates can challenge the board in the said process.

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