Dinajpur Board HSC Result 2023 – With Marksheet

HSC Result with Marksheet

HSC Result 2023 has been released here: HSC Result Dinajpur Board 2023 Result All HSC candidates can download from here. A developing country needs better education. Dinajpur is one of the education boards of Bangladesh, every year the results of this board are good. The necessary technique is provided here for HSC candidates of Dinajpur Board to know their HSC Result very easily, read the procedure carefully for all students can download their result by the process given here.

Dinajpur Board 2023 HSC Result

Candidates use different methods to check the results of HSC. Here, the correct method of checking the results of Dinajpur board has been discussed in detail. Through this process, HSC candidates can easily check their results and the rules for checking the results of all boards including Dinajpur Board have been published here separately, so the candidates will get their results very easily. Madrasa Board and Technical Board.

HSC Result with Marksheet Dinajpur Board 2023

In all board exams only the result or grade point is known but the marks sheet of the result is needed to know the exact number of marks obtained by the candidate in the exam. The result along with the marksheet was first handed over to the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the morning before the results were published on 8th February and immediately after that the Education Minister released the result on the website of the Education Board by 12 o’clock. HSC result has been published today on February 8, like all the boards here the result of Dinajpur board has also been published.

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Dinajpur Board HSC Result 2023 within SMS

There is a way to check HSC result from SMS option on mobile phone ie through SMS students can know their result by sending SMS to 16222 number through their mobile phone and here the method of checking HSC exam result of Dinajpur board is discussed in detail. To check the result through SMS, go to the message option of the mobile phone and send a message to 16222. To check the HSC result of Dinajpur, first write the first 3 letters of the exam name, space, board name, space, roll number, space year and send an SMS to 16222. Service charge is applicable here. . First 3 letters of the candidate’s own board should sit in the place where the board is written ie: If the board is Dinazpur then write Cum and send the message to 16222.
Example :


How to check HSC result?

There are two methods to check Dinajpur Board Exam Result one is online and the other is through SMS on mobile phone. Candidates can download their results using these two methods to check Dinajpur Board HSC Exam Result Candidates must first log on to the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education online to view the exam result online.

  • First click on this link www.educationboardresults.gov.bd
  • After clicking on the above link, you have to select HSC in the exam name entry option.
  • (YEAR) Candidate should select exam year 2022 in written option.
  • Select Board Name Dinajpur (Din).
  • The roll number must be placed in place of the 6 digit roll number (1236689) of the HSC examination.
  • Registration number should be provided by clicking on Reg.no field of HSC exam.
  • If the security code is 8+8 or small and large writing or any other code, solve it and put the answer in
  • the specified place.
  • After giving all the information, click on the submit button
  • You will get results.

Board Challenge Rules 2023 Dinajpur Board

After the release of HSC 2023 results, all the Mymensingh students of Dinajpur Board who want to apply for re-checking of their results should apply for board challenge by sending an SMS to their prepaid SIM. Here the exact rules for rechecking the results are provided for the candidates. Candidates who feel that they have problem in the subject that they will get more and better marks in this subject but do not get or have not been promoted, want to challenge in that subject, then they have to send SMS through teletalk sim mentioning the subject code of the subject in the correct manner Education Board, Board Challenge Rules:

  • Enter message option and SEND SMS to 16222 through prepaid Teletalk SIM.
  • In the message first write RSC <space> first three letters of board name (Din) <space> roll number <space> subject code and send to 16222.
  • Example :

RSC<space> Din<space>1458236<space>201

  • (Din) which will be given on the phone, how much money will be deducted for board challenge fee and a PIN will come.
  • Go to the message option to 16222 if the candidates agree to challenge the board then send YES to 16222 through message.
  • Example :

RSC<space>YES<space> PIN<space>Contact Number

  • send to 16222
  • There are rules to challenge the board on multiple issues at once. Many people don’t know the exact rules of Board Challenge here the exact rules are provided.
  • Example :

RSC<space> Din<space>1458236<space>201,202

  • Board challenge fee per subject is Rs.150.

last word

Dinajpur board exam result published here All board candidates can download their result from here, secondary and higher secondary education board official website HSC 2023 result published here all other board candidates can download their result along with marksheet .

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