BCS (Cadre) Job Exam process 2023

How many cadres does BCS have?

Here we have tried to publish BCS (Cadre) Job Exam process. Here, I will provide detailed information about BCS exam system and what to study in this post. We know that a candidate has to study a lot for BCS. And if the method or style of this study is known, then there are many benefits to study. We have provided all the information including BCS Exam Subject, Marks, and Cadre Name here for the convenience of every BCS aspirant.

How many cadres does BCS have?

There are total 26 posts of BCS cadre in Bangladesh. According to the BCS Rules-2014 made for Bangladesh Civil Service Job examination, the examination is conducted by the Commission for the purpose of appointing suitable candidates in the following 26 cadres of BCS. The names of 26 cadres of BCS are discussed below:-

General Cadre

1. Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration)
2. Bangladesh Civil Service (ANSAR)
3. Bangladesh Civil Service (Audit and Accounts)
4. Bangladesh Civil Service (Cooperative)
5. Bangladesh Civil Service (Customs and Excise)
6. Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning)
7. Bangladesh Civil Service (Foreign)
8. Bangladesh Civil Service (Police)
9. Bangladesh Civil Service (Postal)
10. Bangladesh Civil Service (Tax)

Technical/Professional Cadre

11. Bangladesh Civil Service (Agriculture)
12. Bangladesh Civil Service (Fisheries)
13. Bangladesh Civil Service (Forest)
14. Bangladesh Civil Service (General Education)
15. Bangladesh Civil Service (Health)
16. Bangladesh Civil Service (Public Health Engineering)
17. Bangladesh Civil Service (Public Works)
18. Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway Engineering)
19. Bangladesh Civil Service (Roads and Highways)
20. Bangladesh Civil Service (Statistics)
21. Bangladesh Civil Service (Technical Education)
22. Bangladesh Civil Service (Commerce)

General and Technical/Professional Cadre

23. Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway Transport and Commercial)
24. Bangladesh Civil Service (Livestock)
25. Bangladesh Civil Service (Information)
26. Bangladesh Civil Service (Food)

BCS three type exam system 2023

BCS exam is mainly divided into 3 levels. If we talk about these three levels then the first step is MCQ or Preliminary Exam of 200 marks. Candidates who qualify the preliminary Exam will be admitted to the written Exam of 900 marks.
And at the end of all these processes, the candidates who pass this level will be admitted to the oral examination. And the marks of this oral exam will be 200. All the candidates who clear the examination of total 1300 marks in these three levels will be appointed as BCS Cadas. This process is followed in BCS cadre selection.

BCS (Cadre) Job Exam Syllabus

We already know what BCS exam actually is and what is it and how many cadres are there in this exam. Aspirants may have a question about which subjects this exam is taken. Now let us discuss what subject and how many marks will be in this BCS exam. BCS Exam Schedule and Marks Details:-

Subject and Mark Distribution of Preliminary Exam

  • Bengali language and literature = 35
  • English Language and Literature = 35
  • Bangladesh Affairs = 30
  • International Affairs = 20
  • Geography = 10
  • General Science = 15
  • Computer and Information Technology = 15
  • Mathematical reasoning = 15
  • Mental skills = 15
  • Ethics, values and good governance = 10
  • Total = 200

Written Exam Syllabus for BCS (Cadre) Job

  • Bengali = 200
  • English = 200
  • Bangladesh Affairs = 200
  • International Affairs = 100
  • Mathematical reasoning and mental skills = 100
  • General Science and Technology = 100
  • Total = 900

Oral Exam process for BCS (Cadre) Posts

Generally the oral exam is of 200 marks. Candidates who appeared in MCQ and written Exam will pass these 2 Exams successfully. Bangladesh Public Service Commission will form a Vive Board to conduct the oral examination of the candidates. 200 marks will be allotted to the said candidates based on this oral examination. And those candidates who can get good results after taking this oral Exam will be appointed to the cadre post.

last word

At last hope we have published all the information about BCS exam here. And this BCS related will be useful for you. Also, if you have any questions from BCS exam to results, please comment and we will try to answer them.

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